Own A Restaurant? Two Reasons Why You Should Have Your Grease Trap Cleaned

When it comes to restaurants, one of the most important but overlooked devices in the entire establishment is the grease trap.  The grease trap does exactly what its name indicates:  It catches the grease and oil in the kitchen wastewater at your facility before it has a chance to enter the sewer line.  Depending upon how much traffic your restaurant gets, the trap can fill with grease relatively quickly leading to problems that you'd sooner avoid.  Use this information to learn more about why it's so important to keep your grease trap clean.

A Dirty Grease Trap Could Lead To A Backup Problem

One of the most compelling reasons why it's so vital for you to keep your grease trap clean is because it can prevent a backup issue.  The last thing you want to deal with as a busy restaurant owner is the sight of water coming up through your sink or floor drains.

When the trap is bombarded with grease and is not cleaned out, the grease will eventually make it so that nothing, not even water, can flow through the device.  The water then has no choice but to flow back up through the very drains that it was expelled from, and this is when the backup problems occur.

Rather than waiting for this to happen, contact a professional grease trap cleaner, who will arrive with a powerful vacuum that can suck out all of the grease.  They can then dispose of the grease properly to avoid harming the environment.

Bad Odors May Keep Customers Away

Another reason why you should make sure that your grease trap is cleaned out is because a full trap may begin to emit unpleasant odors.  If hungry customers come to your establishment and smell these odors, they may become so turned off to eating at your restaurant that they leave.

You want to make sure that any odors coming from your restaurant are as enticing as possible.  Old, stale grease that has become rancid is definitely not a smell that will be considered pleasant by your patrons.  Cleaning your grease trap helps you avoid this issue.

Having your grease trap cleaned on a regular basis is a key way for you to keep your restaurant running as efficiently as possible.  Contact a professional grease trap cleaner today so you can have your device cleaned out to make sure that it is never becomes overrun with grease. 

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