Three Great Reasons For Shifting To Propane Heat

When you live in a rural area, you may not have the option of tapping into a natural gas pipeline. Instead, you have a choice between propane and electric heating. While electric heating is convenient, it is not necessarily the most economical choice. If you are looking for an alternative to electric heat, then you should at least consider switching to propane.  


When you choose to heat your home with propane heat, you not only have the option of running your furnace off of propane, but you can also run other appliances. For example, you can replace your electric water heater with a tankless gas heater. You have a couple of advantages by switching to a tankless heater. For one, you do not waste money keeping the water in the tank hot. This means that tankless models are more efficient than the typical water heater tank. For another, the heater will warm up water as it passes through the unit, so you have an unlimited supply of on-demand hot water. When you decide to go to propane for your furnace, look at using propane to operate other appliances. While you could buy a tankless water heater that runs on electricity, propane burns hotter than an electric water heater gets, so it will heat water faster and save on fuel costs.

Black-out Protection

When you use electric heat in your home, your heating is subject to power outages. Your home can be entirely crippled until the fuel comes on. Even if you can find a way to keep your family warm during a blackout, plumbing, plants, and pets can suffer while you are waiting for the fuel to come back on. When you use propane heat, you have an on-site supply of fuel for heating needs, and the more appliances you have in your home that run off of propane, the more you stand to capitalize on the availability of on-site fuel. Clothes dryer, water heater, furnace, stove—there is a long list of appliances that can run off of propane, which will allow you to keep your home functional in the face of a blackout. Just remember that you may need a back-up generator to power the blower on your furnace, but the blower will use less electricity than electric heaters, so you will still save money with the propane furnace. 

Green Fuel

When you use electricity, you have to wonder where the electricity comes from and how many resources went into getting the electricity to your house. On the other hand, propane is a clean-burning fuel that will help to minimize your impact on the environment. The more you use propane in your home, the more you can minimize your carbon footprint. 

If you are looking for an alternative to electricity, propane is a great choice. It is safe for the environment, dependable, and versatile. You owe it yourself to at least look at how propane could help you. Contact a local outlet, such as Graves (John) Propane Of Arizona Inc, for further assistance.