3 Ways For Dealing With Hillside Soil Erosion

Soil erosion is a very damaging and annoying process that occurs when large amounts of water rapidly wash across the soil and begin to take the nutrient rich topsoil with it. This not only makes it difficult for plants to survive and grow, but it can also wear away the land and cause problems for homes and yards that are built on hills, problems such as stability issues. Listed below are three ways of dealing with hillside soil erosion.


One of the easiest and most cost-effective ways of dealing with soil erosion is the use of mulch. Mulch can help you deal with erosion by protecting the topsoil underneath it from being washed away by torrents of water. In addition, the mulch will help retain moisture for longer, which can help your plants become healthier.

However, you will not really be able to use any type of mulch on a hillside as most types of mulch are actually lightweight and can often be washed away if they are placed on a hillside. In that situation, you will want to consider utilizing a wooden mulch made out of shredded hardwood. This mulch is heavy enough that it will not be washed away, but porous and light enough that water is still able to seep into the ground beneath it.

Erosion Control Blanket

Another option that can help you deal with hillside erosion is an erosion control blanket. These blankets are typically made out of a lightweight material, such as straw, that is woven into place with synthetic fibers.

The blanket is then pinned into place at the top of the hill and by neighboring erosion control blankets to prevent them from being washed or blown away. These blankets work by slowing the rush of water down the hillside enough that water can seep through the straw of the blanket and reach the underlying soil and plants. 


Finally, you can also utilize hydroseeding as a way to deal with hillside erosion. You can simply plant a variety of vegetation that will then use their roots to prevent the soil from being washed away. However, this can be a bit tricky with a hillside as the amount of water running down the hill can often kill or wash the plants away before they have time to grow enough to withstand the pressure.

Hydroseeding is especially useful in this situation as it is designed to produce grass at a very fast rate over a large area. This is because hydroseeding will use a hose to spray a combination of seeds and nutrients over the area where you want grass to grow.

Contact an erosion control specialist or landscaping service to discuss your options for limiting erosion on a hillside on your property. Hillside erosion control options can include heavy varieties of mulch, erosion control blankets, and hydroseeding. To learn more, speak with a business like Bill's Hydroseed.