Keeping Birds Away From Your Home's Solar Panels

If you have just placed solar panels upon your rooftop, you are most likely enjoying the reduced cost in energy. Solar panels need to be cared for properly in order to keep birds from using them as a nesting area. If birds make their way near your solar panels, droppings can become present upon their surfaces, leading to a reduction in the amount of energy you will be able to collect as a result. Here are some tips you can use to effectively keep these feathered creatures away from solar panels.

Add Some Decoys Alongside Your Solar Panels

Smaller birds are usually scared of larger birds of prey as they mean danger. To help keep birds from nesting on or under your panels, consider placing large plastic decoys nearby to help scare them away. Make sure you are not obstructing sun rays with their placement so you still retain as much energy with the decoys in place. It is a good idea to get up on your rooftop every few weeks to move the decoys to new locations. This way birds in the area will not become accustomed to having the decoys in the same spots, possibly making them brave enough to check out the area.

Clean The Area Frequently To Deter Birds From Nesting

It is a good idea to do a cleaning of the solar panels to keep birds from sticking around the area. If they start constructing a nest, removing the debris promptly may discourage them into finding a new location to take up residence. Washing your solar panels is also recommended so there is no dusty film or dropping build-up present. Use water and wipe down the panels gently with a piece of microfiber cloth to remove any debris present. Use a roofing detergent to clean the area underneath the panels.

Install Mesh Or Spikes Underneath The Solar Panels

The area underneath your solar panels will be the most desirable to birds as it is hidden from view. To keep birds from utilizing this area, install small spikes or nails to fill in the area. Make sure to purchase spikes smaller than the height of the void so they do not scrape the bottom of your panels. Bird mesh is also useful in keeping creatures from using this area. It can be hung from the bottoms of your panels using small metal clips and secured to your rooftop with roofing staples.

For more tips to protect your solar panels from birds, talk with a company like DFW Solar Electric.